What plugins do you miss?

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Thanks @jenstornell for your great initiative with the GitHub repo, I don’t know if you want to keep it or not, now that we have the new category?

What features are you missing in Kirby that could work as plugins?

Kirby Plugin Wishlist is now a Github Repository >>

Plugin wishlists

  • File based comment system - With spam protection, without captcha, avatar and no registration required. @jenstornell
  • Digital e-commerce store with Paypal - Buy like ZIP files or images. Simple as hell. @jenstornell
  • Ratings - 1-5 stars on the frontend where anyone can vote. Spam protection. @jenstornell
  • Global panel media to show all images from all the pages. @jenstornell
  • Outbound link tracker kind of like this one. @jenstornell
  • Panel page list format like admin columns. @jenstornell
  • Clone page like duplicate post. @jenstornell
  • Content staging - Lets users create and edit pages, then publish the whole in one click. @Malvese
  • Site Traffic - a panel widget that displays site traffic stats and info - i.e., number of unique visitors, countries, browsers used, average time spent on pages. @luxlogica
  • Extended404Tracker - a panel widget that tracks urls that resolve to the 404 Page and how often they are called @mxst
  • Timetable plugin - a fancy and awesome drag and drop timetable plugin for e.g. fitness studios, conferences to manage and display a timetable. @servicethinker
  • Move sites plugin - a plugin to move a page from one to another place. @servicethinker
  • Sitetree widget - a Widget showing the sitetree on the panel dashboard. @oliverschneider
  • SocialShare Plugin - a plugin to make it trivial to add ‘Share’ social media buttons to a page - e.g., ‘Share on Facebook’, ‘Share on Twitter’, ‘Share on LinkedIn’, etc. @luxlogica
  • InstaKirby - a plugin to help us display Instagram posts from a user’s account - i.e., to create instagram galleries - on a page. @luxlogica
  • TwitterKirby - a plugin to help us display Twitter posts from a user’s account - i.e., to create a ‘Twitter roll’ - on a page. @luxlogica

What’s your wish?

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Being able to use thumbnails in Kirby text with column plugin and predifined size, depending on number of columns.

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I whish we must take care, that Kirby is not moving to WordPress :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m aware of that I linked to a few WordPress plugins, but they just plugins and are not a part of WordPress (core). There are probably similar plugins for Drupal and Joomla.

As long as all these things are not built into Kirby core, I think it’s fine. Even if there is a plugin that reminds of WordPress, you don’t have to use it.


I like the content staging idea, but I’d rather have a git-based staging strategy (production site without the panel and a cron job that pulls from git, staging site with the panel and manually committing and pushing a batch of changes), and a plugin that helps with that strategy (e.g. add a button/page to the panel for doing the commit-and-push thing in PHP).

A full content staging mechanism in one Kirby instance would be much harder to do and more brittle, IMO. Helps people who don’t have git on the server or would have difficulties setting up 2 site instances, but not sure it’s best to push in that direction.

I just wanted to add that I’ve not added all the plugins in the wishlist even if it may seem that way.

I’ve not added the staging idea. Staging is a quite common need but a hard one to solve.

Yes, that’s actually what I had in mind.

Another approach would be to use revisions (if this feature is ever available). We could make changes to any page and save them as a “staging” or “pending” revision. A button would then switch these staging revisions with the normal/prod pages.

I’m working on such plugin, can’t wait to share with you all.


I’ve added a timetable plugin and move sites plugin wish :slight_smile:

what about a Guestbook or a Contact Form Plugin :smiley:

There is already a great contact form plugin called [Uniform] (https://github.com/mzur/kirby-uniform)

who can i download it?

Just click on the link.

An easy-to-use shopping cart + payment gateway plugin, that can handle recurring subscriptions, gift vouchers and discount codes. It would be great to have a plugin for automatic integration with services such as SnipCart, FoxyCart, or that provide an easy way to implement things such as a Stripe Checkout widget, without having to write a complete shopping cart on our own.

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@luxlogica Do you know the Shopkit? from @samnabi

@thesmithy please correct me if I’m wrong, but AFAIK Shopkit does not support subscriptions or gift vouchers…

You are not mistaken …

i dont know it sry :confused:

A kirby panel plugin which nicely handles tables for editors.

Right now this is lacking, and I haven’t found a nice way yet to add this to kirby.

thx =)

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i think this Plugin can Help you