Sharingbuttons // Social Media Icon Plugin

Because this has been on the plugin wishlist for quite some time, I finally decided to give it a go …

So here’s my Sharingbuttons plugin which basically makes by Max Stoiber configurable within Kirby.

It’s not tested very well so far, so I would love to get some feedback.

:rocket: Plugin on Github


Anyone interested in doing some translations? Would be awesome, if I could add some more languages. So far only English and German are available.

Actually, it’s just the translation of “Share on” and “Share by” …


Feel free to contact me or send me a pull request.

l::set('plugin.sharingbuttons.facebook', 'Share on Facebook');
l::set('plugin.sharingbuttons.twitter', 'Share on Twitter');
l::set('', 'Share on Google+');
l::set('plugin.sharingbuttons.tumblr', 'Share on Tumblr');
l::set('', 'Share by E-Mail');
l::set('plugin.sharingbuttons.pinterest', 'Share on Pinterest');
l::set('plugin.sharingbuttons.linkedin', 'Share on LinkedIn');
l::set('plugin.sharingbuttons.reddit', 'Share on Reddit');
l::set('plugin.sharingbuttons.xing', 'Share on XING');
l::set('plugin.sharingbuttons.whatsapp', 'Share on WhatsApp');
l::set('plugin.sharingbuttons.hackernews', 'Share on Hacker News');
l::set('plugin.sharingbuttons.vk', 'Share on VK');
l::set('plugin.sharingbuttons.telegram', 'Share on Telegram');

Maybe @Malvese / @Thiousi for French or @jenstornell / @ola for Swedish (no pressure, guys) :wink:

“Dela på Facebook”
“Dela med e-post” or “Dela via e-post”

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@flokosiol Dammit, @Thiousi beat me to the punch, he sent his PR 3 mn before I did :smile:


Thanks a lot (all of you), that was really fast. :rocket:

Version 1.1

I finally added support for all the different styles (normal, solid, circle, solidcircle) and added the swedish translations by @jenstornell (hopefully correct).


I think it should be sv.php instead of se.php because the language is sv_SE. The translations are correct but the comment above them refers to fr.php, so that’s wrong.

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Alright, thanks Jens. Obviously it was too late yesterday :see_no_evil:

Version 1.2

Thanks to @neildaniels there’s a new version available which adds the possibility to customize the url and the description. Thanks a lot for the contribution!


This plugin does exactly what I’m trying to do. Does anyone know of a K3 version of something like this? I’ve taken a look at the code but porting it to K3 is a bit beyond my expertise with plugins.

I don‘t know if there‘s already a solution for K3, but I can try to find some time to migrate it.

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I convinced one of our junior devs to migrate the plugin to K3. I think it’s a perfect project to start doing open source. I will support him as much as necessary.

Before he can start he first needs to finish his examen :wink: but this should be done in the next weeks. We’ll keep you up to date here.

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