Share buttons - Add This (or other packages) vs Custom?

Thoughts on share buttons for say Articles etc, using something like add this versus making your own?

I know there’s a guide on share buttons [here] ( in the Kirby cookbook was just wondering the pros and cons about using Add This over just making some basic ones myself.

I really just need them so people can share blog posts, don’t need them for the stats or anything.

Building your own let’s you style them super simply, not rely on external third parties… which load javascript and add overhead and allow users using ad-blockers to see your sharing links (if you do it right).

Custom it is then. I was hoping that there would be this awesome all in one solution heh, can’t beat hard work ^^ Thanks Mate.

The beauty of Kirby is to allow you to build things the way you want it without blockers.
In this case, the code in the cookbook is quite complete, all you have to do is to decide how you want to include it in your code and how to style it :wink:

I like these:
I already thought about wrapping this into a plugin :wink:


@flokosiol I wanted to suggest the same …

Great resource, thanks! Until this very day, I coded them myself, but not anymore I’m not!
Do you have some of those integrated with Kirby yet, sharing your results would be a great starting point!

Unfortunately I didn’t integrate them into a Kirby project so far. So nothing to share :confused: … but if you run into any problems, don’t hesitate to ask.

I think I’d put everything into a snippet.

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I see no reason to bundle it as a plugin. It would still be required to add the css and js somehow. And then what would the plugin do except contain the files?

I also have been moving away more and more from social buttons and starting to see it as a anti pattern. It’s still possible to share the links without the buttons and the browsers often have sharing support (at least mobile browsers).

But if we want sharing buttons, that link is probably the best I’ve seen so far. No external things.