Kirby Plugins - Major update!

Kirby Plugins

I just released “Kirby Plugins” (maybe there can be a better name for it).

When writing this I’ve added 124 plugins and I think it’s a world record.

Uses Github issue tracker

It uses the Github issue tracker for adding new plugins. Benefits of doing so:

  • Everyone can add plugins. I don’t even need to moderate them.
  • It has search and tags filtering to quickly find a plugin
  • The Github API makes it possible to build a site around it for better presentation.
  • I don’t need to host it.
  • 99% of the plugins are on Github so it’s quite natural.

Improvements needed

More tags

More tags to each plugins for better filtering is needed. Now I just throw them in to give the project a punch.

Site for presentation

Also a site for presenting the plugins in a more beautiful way with Github API could be nice.

Add your plugin, if missing

Add your plugin if it’s missing.

Other alternatives

There are other good alternatives as well, setup by @texnixe or @DieserJonas. I don’t want to take anything away from them.

There is this Wiki thread in this forum:

There is this site:


Very helpful, a big thanks for this, I did not thougth there were as many tools, plugins etc for Kirby. Now time to read and discover all!

Thanks for sending me 100+ automated Github mails :laughing: Just kidding …
Great job and great idea @jenstornell. I will definitely have a closer look on this list.

Wow, that were 123 notification mails…
The idea is good, but is there a way we don’t get an email every time a plugin is added? That would be nice.
Beside that, I like the idea, thanks for setting it up!

@mauricehh @flokosiol

Ooops! I really need to learn more about how Github works. :blush:

If the plugin author was found on Github I added the user as collaborator and assigned the author to the issue/plugin so the author can do adjustments when needed.

Maybe I should not have done that.

I’ll just need to wait for 25 other complaints. :confused: Maybe it’s possible to unwatch?

I just unwatched it, that might help :wink:

I didn’t unwatch it, because it’s a great opportunity to keep track of new plugins. Maybe I will in the future if mails are getting to much …

I like that idea. So don’t mind about the mails :wink:

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I tag some crew just to make sure they know about this as well.

@bastianallgeier @DieserJonas @texnixe @lukasbestle @distantnative

It now includes over 160 plugins (and other stuff).

The unofficial plugin list has been evalved. It now has a much better start page where you can just click on any label to find what you are looking for.

There are three different types of labels:

  • Types - For example “Blueprint”, “Field”, “Plugin” etc. (weak color)
  • Groups - Highlights and states. For example “Commercial”, “Panel”, “Stable” and “Beta” (strong color)
  • Tags - Tags like “Image”, “Podcast”, “Pagination” etc. (white color)

I also linked to the docs in the table, so it’s easy to get started to create own stuff.

About the official repo

There is now an official repo. I think it’s really great to have a official place for them.

Then why have an unofficial one? I think they can co-exist.

  • I see the official repo as the stable plugin repo where everything is integrated in the environment.
  • I see the inofficial repo as the structured playground for all the plugins and other stuff to try out. Even beta versions. Great for early adopters.

Thank you!

I big thanks goes to @aoimedia that I feel have done almost 50% of the work. Also thank you other that have been contributing.

Just a teaser


Man, I just came across this for the first time and it’s amazing! We should totally try to combine efforts with your repo and the new getkirby-plugins organization. Maybe it could even become a part of it? Anyway, fantastic job!!!


Thank you! :slight_smile: It means a lot. If you have any ideas about it, just let me know.


The unofficial Kirby Plugins repo is still evolving. Except for adding new plugins and tweaking labels, there are some other news.


Screenshots are added when a screenshot could be found.

The screenshot tag is really helpful for lazy people that don’t have the time to click all the way into the final repo for a preview.


It looks this beautiful. This is an animated GIF of @timoetting List Field.

If your plugin is in the repo and there is no screenshot, but you have one, go ahead and add it!

Issue template

To help with adding plugins I’ve added an issue template. Without forcing anything, it encourage you to add some additional info about the plugin. You will have the info when clicking on “New issue”.

These features will probably also reach the theme repo over time.


@jenstornell Suggestion: there should be a tag that shows which plugins are compatible with the awesome Kirby CLI. This might motivate plugin developers to check out and make use of this fantastic tool.

That’s a great idea! I will look into it soon.

Now it’s done. If there is a package.json file, it’s got the label “CLI”. I will later add it to the front page with some short info.

It now looks like this (when filtered on CLI):


@jenstornell Wow, you’re quick! I noticed, however, that in the getkirby/cli github page, @bastianallgeier provides the following instruction:

The package.json file has to contain a type field with one of the following values:

  • kirby-plugin (will be installed in /site/plugins)
  • kirby-field (will be installed in /site/fields)
  • kirby-tag (will be installed in /site/tags)

So, if I understand correctly, even if the plugin has a package.json file, it may still not be compatible with the Kirby CLI. The plugin author needs to add that field to the json file.

Thanks! I missed that info but I have now fixed it in the repo:

Of 168 plugins, except for Bastians plugins, only 3 of them has CLI support and only 1 of them is a none crew.

I guess it will be more common when people feel more comfortable with it as the standard. It’s still quite new.

Over 100 stars on Github!

A new big milestone has been reached. Our now have 102 Github stars which is fantastic! :smiley:

I can’t take the credit for it because it’s a common effort. The most active publisher is @aoimedia, so without John this repo wouldn’t be what it is today.

Big thanks everyone! :blue_heart:


Now it has 435 plugins and 172 stars, which is awesome. Today I added a field view as a project on

Labels and projects

Kirby fields already have labels, but to arrange the fields like this as well gives another kind of overview which is much more clear, in a way.

Especially useful for plugin developers

I think it’s especially useful for plugin developers. It’s easy to see if a plugin is missing. Develop an image selector or a clone field might not be needed because there are so many of them already, for example.


That’s great! Thank you for all the effort you put in that project!

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My favorite Kirby warrior hero!

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