Updated Plugin repository?

Hello! Merry Christmas!

I’m new and I’m very happy to work with Kirby!
I’m loving it!!!
I’m studing and learning about all, and I thought:

There are many plugins but many of these are marked as deprecated,
can I find an updateded repository?

I take the opportunity, I introduce myself, my names is Maurizio and I came from Sardinia (Italy)

have a nice day!

Damn I answer myself --> http://getkirby-plugins.com/

My apologies!

@kitzunegari Benvenuto.

You can find an extensive list of third-party Kirby plugins here: https://github.com/texnixe/kirby-plugins/issues

Recently, many plugins have been moved to the deprecated list: https://github.com/kirby-deprecated-plugins. Many of these are still usable though, but there development has been abandoned.

This is a list of official plugins, developed by members of the Kirby team.

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Thanks @texnixe,
very kindly

I’m still going to take an extensive look