Abandoned Plugins should be removed from the Kirby Plugins Page

Abandoned, outdated, or no longer maintained plugins (like: GitHub - distantnative/search-for-kirby: Kirby 3 plugin for adding a search index (sqlite or Algolia). for example) should probably be removed from the Official Kirby Plugins page, as it misrepresents what is actually available and functioning for Kirby CMS as it is currently.

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I completely agree, or at least be marked deprecated (after all, such plugins might still be useful if someone wants to take over development or use it as a basis for something new). But the docs will see changes in this regard in the future for sure.

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I am new to your Kirby CMS and one of the factors in purchasing it was seeing that there was what looked to be a nice selection of plugins available for it. When I saw that many were outdated, or when some that I tried flat out just didn’t work and the creators had given up on them, I was a bit disappointed.

It would be really helpful to not only delineate those that are not maintained, but to really highlight the ones that are actively and well maintained! :slight_smile:

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i totally agree that plugins flagged by the authors as archived might be also flagged as discontinued in the list on getkirby.com.

what plugins specifically did not work for you?