I just deprecated 15+ of my plugins


The reasons that I deprecated 15+ of my plugins are:

  • It makes no sense in Kirby 3 that may come out this year.
  • It will be integrated in Kirby 3.
  • The plugin is not that good.

I guess some of you still use these plugins, so I just moved them here:

Most of the plugins has a MIT license so feel free to build something own with them.

The reasons behind the plugins I don’t deprecate are:

  • They are easy to port to Kirby 3.
  • They may get a major rewrite for Kirby 3.

In conclusion: Plugins that only make sense for Kirby 2 is now deprecated.


I always feel that it’s an unfortunate situation when something useful gets deprecated. I’m sure a lot of people won’t be making the switch to Kirby 3 right away, but I understand where your decision is coming from.


I understand your point of view as well.

  • The plugins are not gone, just move to another repository. It makes it clear for me and others which plugins may be updated and which will not.
  • The plugins will probably continue to work for Kirby 2 a very long time, because I guess there will be no breaking changes to Kirby 2.


From my perspective, at the current state, it doesn’t make sense to deprecate these plugins, because they are not deprecated for Kirby 2 but will only have this status for K3.


I will not maintain these plugins. So they will be kind of dead. But instead of deleting them, I moved them to the “Ghost repository”.