Status of plugin development for K3


There are plugins that some developers find ‘essential’, and use on every project. We, for example, tend to regularly use:

Question: have any plugins already been converted/updated to work with Kirby 3? Is there a list?

Many thanks in advance!

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There is no list of plugins that have already been updated. After all, that is in the hands of the individual developers. But some people are already working on updating their plugins und with the first private beta out, we will certainly see the first results pretty soon. Non-panel plugins should be pretty easy to update and I’m confident that those Panel fields and extensions that are still relevant, will see an update, either by the original developer or by someone else.

Of course, missing plugins will make it more difficult to update existing projects, so let’s hope for the best.


that’s what i noticed when having the new beta on my local machine playing around with it.
and i really worry, as a few plugins haven’t had an update since a year or so…

i’d like to add my own favourites towards the list :wink:

i guess that are the most essential ones for me…


Here are the ones that I think will still be useful for my projects in the future:



  • patterns (improved version that allows proper debugging)


Nice to see which plugins you all use or like.

My robots plugin is one of the first that will be updated. It has one issue but after that is solved it will be working on K3. About the same for my Kirby Toc that will come out after that.

My Kirby SEO will take much longer as it require a complete rewrite, but I intend to do it and have so many ideas around it. Everything for the new panel will take a while longer.


I use for an editorial and podcast heavy website :

I will probably rework my website once V3 hits (I would love a more visual editor than modules or a more easy way to use it) but some parts like all the podcast part are heavily dependent of the plugin.


@jenstornell IMHO your Kirby SEO plugin is already perfect as-is, in terms of the features it offers. It offers a concise way to present the page meta-data fields in a simple interface, that makes it easy for the non-technical client to understand.

+1 from me, for updating it sooner rather than later! :wink:


Wow, @texnixe, thank you for sharing these. I guess we tend to get complacent, always using what we already know, and forget that there are a lot of awesome people out there constantly releasing great new things for Kirby!

Is Focus still needed in 3?


Yes, I think so if you want to be more precise regarding your crop point.


I wanted to wait for the first K3 beta (which finally arrived) to start with the new version of the focus plugin. The existing alpha was only a proof of concept and my first try with Vue. So stay tuned :wink:


@jenstornell Maybe it would be helpful to add a new tag to the Kirby Plugins Repo?!


As I also want to switch to Kirby 3 and keep my podcasts up and running, there will be kirby3 version of the podcast-plugin :wink:

I’ve some plans for the plugin, hopefully making it more stable and faster (and easyer to setup). Of course this highly depends on how the new plugin system will work. And it will take some time to migrate, but I am pretty confident to say, there will be a v3 upate.


There is already labels for both K2 and K3, just not added in the readme yet. :slight_smile:


You rock. :handshake: The podcast plugin lifted a huge pain for me and my team when you released it. It meant we could avoid wordpress and still have an automatic generated xml for our podcasts.

Also I forgot a plugin : i use Kirby Tag Fields by Afbora to avoid huge vertical admin options. Does Kirby V3 will have a built-in system like this one?


Is anyone interested in a compatible version of Uniform? I’ve put it on my roadmap already but I’m afraid I won’t find the time to take care of that in the next few weeks. I’d greatly appreciate anyone who is willing to help.


Oh, yes, of course, Uniform is THE Kirby form plugin.


@mzur Uniform is one of the plugins I use in every project that needs a form. I love it!

As for my plugins, here’s the roadmap:

Ready for Kirby 3 release

Possibly after Kirby 3 release

  • Page Lock: not sure yet it will work in Kirby 3 since it relies on the field API that have changed completely
  • Fuzzy Search: still need to evaluate if it will be needed, can be easily upgraded
  • Auto Orient Images: still need to evaluate if it will be needed, can be easily upgraded


For every plugin you adapt to K3, can you write it here in the forum or here: or both.



@jenstornell I noticed that you’ve added ‘v2’ and ‘v3’ labels to the plugins list - awesome!

Would it be possible add either one of these labels - ‘v2’ or ‘v3’ - to every plugin in the list? That way, when new plugins are added or old ones updated, we would be able to clearly see whether they are Kirby3-ready…


Great collaboration here!
I would love to see the

Columns Plugin, as changed by @11bits (flexbox), and the
Guggenheim Plugin by @JimmyRittenborg