Status of plugin development for K3


I did not make or change the columns plugin, so I can’t take cred for that one. :slight_smile:


Thanks, and updated!


Hey there,

I already took some time to update the Kirby-Git plugin by @Pascalmh with basic Git functionality:

I would also recommend to add a badge like this to all repositories containing K3 compatible plugins:




Some usual suspects I use:


We might be able to help with uniform. We love your plugin.

My coworker built an enhancement that generates processing logic based on a YAML doc, it’s tightly coupled with the Modules plugin at present, but I think we can make it work with templates too.

For us, the patterns, sortable and modules plugins are critical since our entire site is built around them, if need be, we’ll migrate them, but we’re hoping that they’ll be part of the upgrade process for the kirby folks?

We also use @pedroborges XML-Sitemap, so I’m happy to see that’s getting upgraded. Other than that, we use kirby-sir, but that looks fairly uncomplicated to migrate.