Official Kirby plugins

First contact with Kirby 3, it looks great!

I wonder if you are planning to create official Kirby plugins (free or commercial). Plugins made by the community are excellent but developers not always have time to update them or give support.

Another idea would be creating official Kirby themes.

I think this was discussed already somewhere.

The “issue” here is that the Kirby team is small and they can’t really dedicate that much attention to plugins and themes if they also want to keep improving the core.

For the plugins, there was this idea of trying to coordinate the community in some way, in order to join forces and avoid creating multiple copies of the same type of plugin. Easier said than done as you can imagine.

The idea would not be to have a lot of official plugins, just the most used. And paid, at least some of them, to compensate the time dedicated.

About the idea of coordinating the community plugins, I also agree.

Thanks for your feedback.

What @manuelmoreale wrote is pretty much the reason. We had official plugins for Kirby 2, but didn’t always find the time to improve them and to fix bugs.

We also discussed the idea of paid plugins a while back in the team and that’s something we may come back to later. But at this point, we support the community effort to build the most used plugins in teams. We will also help out with feedback and implementation help as much as we can. :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for this information, I completely understand your decision. Just to clarify things for those currently running Kirby v2 sites that use official plugins: This means that there won’t be updates for the official v2 Kirby plugins, so we should look for alternatives and recreate the site for v3, right?

Kirby 2 will have security support until at least 31. December 2019, see Kirby 3 is here! – FAQs and more …
This includes our official plugins.

We can’t promise that we will publish updates beyond security issues, but if there is the need for a bug fix or feature, we may update the plugins as well.

So you can definitely keep your v2 sites running for at least a year, but of course it is always recommended to use a recent Kirby version. :slight_smile: