Hi guys,

I just want to introduce you to real quick.

It’s basically a list of plugins and extensions for Kirby 2. The plan is to make it the definitive resources for all your plugin needs, so you don’t have to search through GitHub and Google to find a specific plugin.

If you want to stay up to date and want to know about all new plugins first, be sure to follow @getkirbyplugins on Twitter.

If you know about a plugin or extension you’d like to add to the site, or if you even created it yourself, please let me know. Either as an answer to this topic or via a quick tweet.

Let me know what you think about the site! I’m happy to improve based on your feedback.

Cheers, Jonas

PS: A big thanks goes out to @bastianallgeier for linking to from the “Downloads” page!


This is pretty cool. Thanks for making this.

One question I have is if the plugins are looked over? I would hate to see Kirby plugins turn into the security problems that WP plugins have.

Right now, it is just a collection of user submitted resources.

Even though I have a quick look at all plugins I add to the site, I can’t can’t possibly keep track of plugin updates nor give any guarantee that all plugins are 100% safe at all time.

However, since I called it a “curated” list of plugins and extensions, I will make sure to follow all notes and hints on possible insecure plugins to keep the site a safe place.


I kept trying to click on the title/icon but they aren’t linked to anything. I’d recommend linking them to “documentation”, since it’s a little confusing otherwise. Awesome site though!

You’re absolutely right. I should make the icon and title link to the plugin page, too. Thanks for the suggestion!

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I just pushed some long awaited changes to

  • The icon ond the title of the plugins now link to the documentation
  • The authors name and link are moved right below the subtitle
  • I finally added a basic RSS Feed
  • Last but not least, we have two new plugins by Roy Lodder an the site

Let me know if you guys have any further suggestions for the “plugin boxes”!

Relative Dates Plugin:


Just added! Great work man!