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@jenstornell, iirc your plugin didn’t play nice with the cache enabled? So I attempted to fix this by using an adapted scheduler plugin, a worker + cronjob. This plugin is a remaining artefact of that and I actually discourage to use it any longer. Actually: if no cache is used; then I’ld suggest to use your plugin.

I also have plans for Kirby 3 to make this better, but in a “generic” way - e.g. not only for scheduling pages.

@Fleix, please use Jens’ plugin - don’t use mine.


I see.

I also have plans for Kirby 3 to make this better though, but in a “generic” way - e.g. not only for scheduling pages.

Alright, interesting. I hope we don’t end up with two plugins that do the same thing, but it looks like your idea is something else then.

your plugin didn’t play nice with the cache enabled

Right. I’ve not thought about that in a long time. Your cronjob solution sounds a bit hackish. Hopefully we can figure out a better solution.

Maybe somehow compare the page cache timestamp with the scheduled timestamp. If the scheduled timestamp is newer, recache the current page.


I hope not, as I hate that too. :laughing:

:grin: It was.


In kirby\vendor\getkirby\toolkit\lib\url.php (Kirby 2) is defined:

   * Returns the correct separator for parameters
   * depending on the operating system
   * @return string
  public static function paramSeparator() {
    return detect::windows() ? ';' : ':';

@bastianallgeier, what do you think about changing the result OS-independent to

    return '_';

I think, nobody needs this difference between Windows and the other OS furthermore, if you choose a wise seperator, e.g. like my suggestion.
This would make it easy to build correct OS-independent code e.g. in snippets oder plugins, if the coder did not know that this function exists and needs to be used.


Nice findings. :slight_smile:

I would love to see a more generic character here, but I wonder if _ is the right one?

…would become…

I think in the latter it’s harder to see where the separation is, but I don’t have a better suggestion.


If I look at, they use “=”.


Do they? Could you post an example?

I would hate to see underscores.


IF I look e.g. at, I see some “=”.


That is a query, not parameters ´. Kirby does the same for queries.


I have downloaded and installed a langkit 2.5.12 on PHP 7.2.6 and changed that function to

  public static function paramSeparator() {
    return '=';

All pages like
/blog/page=2 and /de/blog/page=2
run without any problem and I don’t see the ugly ";"e.g. within /blog/page;2 on my Windows server any more :blush:

I took the langkit to test the languages too. Normaly I have a single language installation, only German

@lukasbestle, what do you think for Kirby 3?



Just wondering if Kirby 3 will come with a new Starterkit/theme design?
Will the current Starterkit theme be compatible with Kirby 3?
Not a deal breaker, just curious. :wink:

Looking forward to K3. :smiley:


Yes, it will come with a new Starterkit with a collection of common page layouts.

Like any Kirby 2 site, the Kirby 2 Starterkit will require minor code changes to be compatible with Kirby 3, but those will be quite easy to do.


Thank you for your reply, Lukas.

This is all great news.

I love the clean design and lean underlying code of the current Starterkit created by @fabianmichael. I do hope he’s working on v3. :wink:


Is it true the rumor that Kirby 3 will be released in October?


We are still working on making Kirby 3 ready for the public release, so we don’t have a fixed release date yet. Like you, we can’t wait to get Kirby 3 out of the door and we are working towards that goal. Just as always: It’s done when it’s done. :slight_smile:




are you planning to add inside editor for css/javascript files? a quick edit to assets would be nice core functionality IMHO.
like the one wordpress has on admin side.


I beg to differ: I wouldn’t want this into core.
If you really, really need it for your project, maybe consider building it as a plugin?


I agree. In Kirby 3 it will be a lot easier to build Panel plugins, so something like that is definitely doable. But we are not planning to add this feature to the core.


thanks. easy plugin development is way too much better than my idea. can’t wait to see.