Xmlsitemap unzip installation

I’m using xmlsitemap plugin and I get this error message. I just set the plugin into the folder /plugins/. I also tried to set mutiple params into config, deletting every other plugins, without changes.

The author says : (…) supporting installation by zip and submodule was an absolute pain, especially as I am an installation by composer person, so do feel guilted into getting me Coffee, Beer, etc.

I tried to do an unzip install with the plainkit, same message. I guess this plugin doesn’t work by doing an unzip installation. How to get it works ? (I don’t use composer btw)

Hm, I just downloaded the plugin and put the unzipped folder into /site/plugins and don’t get the error message.

Tested with Kirby 3.3.5, on a Mac with Firefox.

What’s your environment, Kirby version, PHP version, browser etc?

I’ve dowloaded the plainkit on the official site, unzipped into site/plugins/. I’m on a Mac with Firefox too, Mamp PHP version 7.1.12

Edit : same thing with starterkit 3.3.5. Chrome and Safari shows me a blank page

Ah, ok, just tested with MAMP (PHP 7.2.14 and 7.3.1) and get the same error message.

Not in my Laravel Valet environment, though.



I just tried. You have to test online. It doesn’t work localhost with Mamp.

There are a few pages he didn’t find me but I don’t know why.

In addition if pages are “unlisted”, the names of the pages must be added to: includeUnlistedWhenSlugIs

‘omz13.xmlsitemap.includeUnlistedWhenSlugIs’ => [ ‘page1’, ‘page2’, ‘page3’ ],