Sitemap.xml sample: route not working


Just started playing with v3. Nice work!

I have only run into one problem, probably a problem on my local server configuration but i would like to know how to debug the issue further.

I have followed the guide to create the basic sitemap ( but whenever i load /sitemap.xml i get a 404 error.

I tracked it down to the route not being recognized. If i change the pattern value to something that is not sitemap.xml for example sitemapxml then it works. I imagine there’s gotta be some setting somewhere where my server is actually trying to load a file called sitemap.xml rather than go trough the routing? I thought that .htaccess took care of this already ( i haven’t changed it from the plainkit-master download).

Im running on localhost on MacOS X.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Are you using the built-in server? As far as I remember it has problems with dots in the route.

Yes i am. I’m running on Mojave 10.14.2

Ok, i’ll check it out again when i upload to my remote.


Oddly, I was just having a similar problem, although working on a staging server rather than local, and I was getting a 404 regardless of the dot or not.

Strangely when I moved the sitemap routes into a plugin rather than in config.php they work perfectly.