How to install Kirby v4 alpha?


I just thought about taking a look at Kirby v4 alpha2 and downloaded the zip archive + uploaded it to one of my webhostings and on my local WAMP setup. Both use PHP8.2. After uploading them I just get a 403 Forbidden error on my online hosting (LAMP setup). I suspect there is something wrong with a htaccess or some other prerequisite not fulfilled. Thus I uploaded it on my local WAMP setup but there I just get a directory listing regardless whether I check the root folder of Kirby v4 or the panel folder.

So basically I miss some basics for this setup or the zip archive is incomplete. Can someone share some light? I wouldn’t be surprised if I even forgot some bascis that I did for the Kirby v3 setup years ago and now I don’t remember them. Checking the v4 docs, they don’t mention anything specific for the setup.

Can someone enlighten me?

Thank you.

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Did you put the downloaded kirby folder into a Starterkit or into your own project?

. . . you got me! I just unzipped the Kirby v4 alpha zip (so just the kirby folder) but no StarterKit or something.

Is the StarterKit or the plain kit from v3 supposted to be working with the new v4 core? Then I just take the starterkit and play around with it!

Thank you.

Yes, should work. There is no Starterkit or Plainkit with v4 installed available. So the steps are

  • Download Starterkit
  • Remove kirby folder from the kit
  • Add the unzipped alpha kirby folder
  • delete the media folder (if there is already anything in there)
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Perfect, thank you for your help. I will report back whether this did work (might take me some hours, need to finish something else first).

Is that also gonna work with composer ? I felt like trying to upgrade but I run into plenty of errors sti figuring out plenty of whoops errors which may be due to plugins and whatever not being compatible anymore.

No, pre-release versions are not available via Composer.

Actually, this works

    "require": {
        "php": ">=8.1",
        "getkirby/cms": ">=4.0-alpha5",
        "pju/kirby-webhook-field": "^1.1",
        "twbs/bootstrap": ">=v5.3",
        "ragi96/table-field": "^1.1"

Yep, or (in composer.json)

"require": {
  "getkirby/cms": "^4.0@alpha“,