Kirby folder not installing via composer


I’m trying to install via Composer Kirby v3. I did for previous project and it always worked, but lately not sure why, but the following command doesn’t install the “Kirby” folder:

composer create-project getkirby/plainkit your-project

Thus the following error:

  Could not scan for classes inside "kirby/dependencies/" which does not appear to be a fi  
  le nor a folder             

Anyone else having this problem?
Thanks in advance for your reply.

Just tested an it worked without issues. What’s your composer version?

As always thank you for your fast reply. I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t try to update my composer prior to this posting this message.

So at the time I posted the message composer was 2.0.5. I just updated it to 2.0.8 and cleared cache and it worked :smile:

My bad!