Official composer support

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I’ve seen the articles about how to get kirby to work with composer but unfortunally they all come with some side effects. One of the most “annoying” ones is that it comes with a ton of files that are not really needed to run a specific release of kirby.

Is there someone working on adding composer support? It it blocked by something where I might be able to help with? What are the problems that hold this feature back?

How can I help?

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I did create a pull request to have an official composer.json inside the kirby repository here:

what is the benefit of using composer over the kirby CLI?

FYI: This feature has already made it into the 2.4 development branch.

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@bnomei Every dependencies of a project are usually managed by one package manager (and not committed to the repository). Kirby is just one of the dependencies, so it makes sense to add it to the list of all others.

One way to install everything what’s needed. Not multiple manual commands.

If the CLI works for you, that’s also great!

i see. thx for explaining.