Installation of Kirby Starter Pack unclear

Dear all,

I have read about Kirby and wanted to try the test installation. Have downloaded the test version and installed into the root of my webserver (I have uploaded it via FTP into the root of my webservice which I have with Unitymedia provider).

But I have no dedicated webserver. Is this the reason that when I access
I just get an error message and nothing else?

I would really like to build my website with Kirby but I am not able to get it up and running.

Can someone please help me with this? Am I missing a webserver and if yes, how can I install this on my root?

Thank you so much for helping!

Hey Ulrich, welcome to our forum.

Ok, the .htaccess file is there.

What does the error message say? And do subpages of the frontend work or only the start page?

Depending on your hosting, you might have to set the RewriteBase in your .htaccess to /.

Shared hosting is totally fine.

Hi Sonja,

thanks a lot for your quick response!
Attached is the error message:


For the .htaccess file, I am not sure how to do this and which line to change.
Sorry I might ask silly questions but would love to bring the Kirby system up and running on my machine.

Your help is really appreciated!

Thanks again, Ulrich!

Ok, the error message says that your PHP version is below 7.1, while Kirby requires PHP 7.1.+ So you have to check if your hosting supports this version (and Kirby’s other requirements which are listed here:

Okay! Thank you! I changed now to php 7.2 and if I now type in there is no error message anymore. Instead I get an empty page with the url:
but it seems not to do anything…

Is that normal or does it just take some time to install?

No, that is a security measure. If Kirby is installed on a public server (as opposed to a local development environment), you cannot install the Panel without allowing this in your config.php first. Most people develop and test Kirby locally first, and only upload to a public server when ready.

So in your /site/config/config.php, you have to set the panel.install option:

return [
  'panel' =>[
    'install' => true

This setting should be removed again after the Panel has been installed.

Yes, I have seen that and did change the config.php.
But I cannot see any progresss installing.

Does it take a longer time?

No, you should immediately see the sign up form.

it is not coming up …

must still be something wrong…

Any error messages? Just a blank page? Please check your console as well. You could also send me a link to the project via PM.

You could also let us see a PHP info page that might indicate a problem - you upgraded to 7.2 which is great but there may be a missing extension somewhere, that sometimes you have enable or install in addition to just turning on 7.2. just make sure you delete the info page after.

Hi James,

thanks for your feedback. Here is the link to the phpinfo page.

Can you see any problem why I do not get the login to the panel?

Thanks for helping, Ulrich

The phpinfo stuff looks alright, but I see an error in the browser console.

    "status": "error",
    "message": "Class 'Kirby\\Api\\Collection' not found",
    "code": 500,
    "route": "translations"

okay, and what can I do to fix this?

That’s what I’m just trying to think about. I think I’d first re-upload the kirby folder, maybe something went wrong during upload.

Seems to work now.

yes, it works now!!!
Thanks a lot for your help!

One last question: if I have a new Kirby template, where do I need to put it to make changes with the panel? Inside the content folder?

Thank you and have nice weekend!

Do you mean template or blueprint (to define fields etc. for Panel forms)?

If you want to create a new blueprint, it goes into site/blueprints/pages/.

I mean a new template

Templates go into site/templates.

But I’m not sure we are on the same page.