Panel not working on website

For some reason, the panel doesn’t load on this website:

I’ve hosted various other kirby sites and even as subfolders within my root site so I’m not sure why it’s happening with this site.

I’m using iPage to host and can’t find anywhere where the internal server error message is written.

Where is Kirby installed? In “/cup/” or at the root of the website?

If it’s inside “/cup/” you’ll need to adjust your rewritebase in .htaccess. More info:

I added the subfolder base but still nothing. I’ve been reading about it might be an mb_string and checking if that’s enabled or disabled. I’ve read through a bunch of other forum posts but am still equally confused about where I’m supposed to go to enable it or check it .

What happens if you delete everything from the server, including .htaccess and upload the 2.5.12 starter kit? Ive run this version myself on plenty of subdomains and root sites without issue. Are you sure the file transfer happened without issue? Personally I use rSync rather then SFTP. (Don’t use FTP, its a great way to get hacked.)

Still getting a 500 error from it.

Thats a subfolder, rather then a subdomain, In this case i think you need to set a base url in the config. Its expecting the panel to be at /panel not /starter/panel.

Alright, so on my initial question, it wasn’t loading because the PHP on my server was below the required version but now I’m getting this PHP Sessions Error?:

The Panel is not installed yet, if you want to install the panel on remote, you have. to. allow it in your config first.

Wait, @texnixe, does your comment relate to my starter subfolder or my most recent post?

I related to your last link:

But. did you say iPage, I. think we had a problem with that. hoster in the past.

Hey, thanks for linking to that. Turning on buffering fixed the problem.