Composer setup for Kirby 2.4

I made a “Composerkit” for Kirby 2.4. It’s basically an adaptation of the Plainkit, with a composer.json and a few scripts:

  • custom index.php and panel/index.php;
  • and site/composer/tools.php for copying the panel to panel/assets.

It seems to be working alright, content pages and the panel are working fine on my test site, but I haven’t tried adapting it to a real, bigger website yet. If you’re interested by a Composer-based workflow, feel free to try it and file issues!

Differences to other Composer solutions

The main difference with what is proposed in other threads is that I’m not using mnsami/composer-custom-directory-installer to move the installed vendor/getkirby/kirby and vendor/getkirby/panel directories to kirby and panel. Instead I’m just moving the panel assets to the right place, and fixing the $kirby->roots->index path.