Devkit, composer & /kirby/vendor

I was using the devkit setup while Kirby was in beta, because I very much like the approach of having a public folder and keeping most of the stuff outside of it.

As soon as I update Kirby from the latest beta to 3.0.0, a new folder /kirby/vendor/ appears which seem to be a duplicate of /vendor.

I’m pretty sure that I can ignore this new folder, does anyone know what’s the correct setup keep using the devkit with 3.0.0?

You can safely ignore the /kirby/vendor folder. If you take a look in the /kirby/bootstrap.php file you will see that it checks if there’s a /vendor folder on the root and loads it instead of the /kirby/vendor one.

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Yep. We added that directory to make it possible to install Kirby as a Git submodule without having to jump through too many hoops. If Kirby is installed via Composer, that directory does nothing whatsoever. :slight_smile:

You can actually ignore the whole kirby folder as it will be installed by Composer anyway.

Thanks for the replies.

Are you sure, @lukasbestle? I thought the composer-installer automatically moves the content of /vendor/getkirby/cms to /kirby!?

That’s exactly right. And because it does, you can ignore /kirby. If it doesn’t exist, Composer will create it when you run composer install.

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