Install Kirby on a sub folder on a live domain

Hi guys, I hope you can help a noob like me. I have downloaded the Plain starter pack, I have to say that out of the box there are no .htaccess file in my unzipped folder (and yes I made sure that the hidden file is shown).

Next, I did login using FileZilla to my FTP server created a new folder in the root called kirby and uploaded all the files that were in the Plain starter pack zip file.

Now I’m trying to access the homepage sort of speak by going to: and I only get this:

Also If I try to access the panel which from the doc it should be - I get 404 - page not found.

Any assistance would really be appreciated.

Looks like you didn’t upload the .htaccess file which is part of the Plainkit zip ( I just downloaded it myself to check, so it’s definitely there).

Thanks a lot for your reply, I was going to update this topic. For some reasons the command in mac os to show hidden file didn’t work, however when I did browse the unzipped file using FileZilla I did saw the .htaccess file.

So I was able to browse the panel once I was there I get a different issue searching the forum I found that in site/config/config.php I should add a line of code. The problem was that the cofing folder was totally missing.

I have created the config folder inside the site folder, created the config.php file and placed this PHP code:


return [
    'debug'  => true,
    'panel' => true,
    'panel.install' => true

To bad I didn’t find this information in the troubleshooting guide. I mean not everyone would install even the test version on a local set-up, so I think general information on how to set this up on a live server and even in a sub-folder with all the steps that a user (new ) should take should really be easy to find.

Anyway, thanks for your quick response.

You are right, that’s missing, I created an issue to add this information to the installation guide.