Uploading with filezilla.. and htaccess issue

Hi I just uploaded all the kirby files to my hosting server with filezilla.
but there is only error message " **** is currently unable to handle this request."
so I searched and found about htaccess, but I don’t have that file.
Do I need something else to upload kirby?
Can’t I just upload it using filezilla for sftp…?
super hard…

The .htaccess file is part of Kirby’s Starter- and Plainkits, so it should be present. Note that files starting with a dot are by default hidden in the file system, so you have to make sure to show them in your file system.

In Finder on Mac you can press cmd + shift + . to show invisible files.

Hi, Thanks. I already did that but can not find…
I can only find .editorconfig in kirby folder…

It’s not in the /kirby folder but the root of the Starterkit folder, see structure here:

You can copy the file from there if it’s really not there.

thanks! I found. Thank you very much!