Page is blank after installing plugin

I’m trying to install the imageset plugin but when I do, my website just goes blank. I installed the plugin using the Kirby CLI and I’ve checked that the requirements are met—latest version of Kirby, PHP 7.1.19, ImageMagick all installed.

Wonder if someone knows what might be causing the page not to load correctly? If I delete the imageset folder from my plugins folder, the page loads correctly.

Any help is appreciated!

Do you get any error messages? Please enable debugging if you haven’t done so yet.

And your site goes blank just when you add the imageset folder, without any other configurations or actually using it in your templates?

I don’t see any error messages. I have debugging enabled and I’ve checked other places where I think an error might pop up, like the console, but nothing at all shows up.

And yes, simply adding the folder without configuration or actually using it makes the site go blank.

Hm, I have no idea. Did the CLI install it correctly, with all files present?

Do you use any other plugins that might interfere?

I do have other plugins that could potentially interfere but I’ve tried deleting them and refreshing the page one by one to see if any of them are causing the conflict and the page remains blank even when they’re all deleted.

It’s very odd but I suppose it would be difficult for you to help me figure out over the internet. I appreciate the help, but I’ll just not use the plugin.


I’ve notified the developer about this issue.

Hi @julian,

I’m sorry to hear about your issue with ImageKit. But I really would like to understand, why this is happening. Do you have access to PHP’s error logs?