Panel showing as a blank page

I made everything like the Kirby tutorials said… I put the license key, etc…

However, i just can’t do a thing: install the panel in my server.
In localhost works fine, but in my server isn’t.
I put that code in config.php, but when i go to the still shows a blank page.

What should i do? I am sure i am doing everything like Kirby tutorial explains.

Help please.

Thank you.


Are you trying to do a fresh install of the panel on the remote server?

yes i did that. I made the download again, install on the server, but still shows a blank page.

The code is like that, right?

my versions are:
Toolkit version: 2.4.0
Kirby version: 2.4.0
Panel version: 2.4.0

Please turn on debugging in your config.php

c::set('debug', true);

Let’s see if we get an error message.

Do the subpages work?

Don’t shows any error. Keeps the blank page.

Yes, the subpages work. I have the kirby starter kit on my website and everything works.
You can check by yourself:

Is that a completely fresh starterkit without any changes? No plugins? No custom panel fields?

Yes completely fresh.
The only thing i have changed was introducing the license key on config.php.

I downloaded the starter kit and installed again right now and i notice that shows a error_log file.

i deleted that error log file and nothing change. I don’t know if it is possible this to be the problem or not.

I guess that error was caused when you tried to access the site while it was still uploading. If those files were missing, the whole site wouldn’t work properly.

Edit: Maybe your problem is related to the mb_string extension missing? HTTP Error 500 /panel url

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Try to run php -m in your commandline, that will show you all installed php exetensions, or for more information type php -i.

I think i already have that php mbstring extension.

I have typed in commandline php -i and about that extension says this:

“mbstring extension makes use of “streamable kanji code filter and converter”, which is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1.”

So what should i do? Some kind of update? or the panel problem is related with something else?

What is your PHP version on the server?

My version on the server is 5.6.28.

How can improve to a more recent version?

Finally the panel is working!!

The solution was what you both said. I saw the version in my server as you suggest and i the mbstring extensions was disabled. So i active and improve to 7.0 version.

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Thank you so much for your help!

Glad that it works :slight_smile: