Panel not working on live server


I worked on a site locally where everything works perfectly.
But after uploading it to the live server (a shared server, on PHP 7.2), everything works except the panel.

Without SSL enabled on config.php, the pages and subpages are working perfectly when browsing the site with http:// and with https://.
When I try to access the panel, on http:// I can see the login page, and if I try to login, there’s no error, the page just refresh with the fields emptied.
If I tried to access the panel through https://, I just get and “HTTP ERROR 500”.
And when I activate SSL on config.php, I just get this “HTTP ERROR 500” for the panel (the rest of the site works fine)
The site has a working Let’s Encrypt certificate, provided by the host,

I tried to remove my site and upload the latest starterkit, and I just get the same issue. On http:// I see the signup form, but when submitting, the form is emptied and the user is not created.

I searched the forum and saw that I could come from mb_string not being install, but I checked with phpinfo() and it’s installed on the server. I also tried to increase the permission of the accounts folder, and it did nothing.
And I updated Kirby to 2.5.10 with no luck.

Anyone had a similar issue and found a solution to fix it?


Try the following:

  • check your server php_error logs and server error logs if available

  • verify the mb_string extension is really there:

     php -m
  • enable SSL in your config.php

  • enforce https via your .htaccess

I don’t have access to those logs, but I enabled SSL in config.php and enforces https via .htaccess, AND I downgraded PHP to 7.0 (it was 7.2 before), and it seems to have resolve the problem.
I can now see the panel, login and make changes to the site.


Hm, Kirby is compatible with PHP 7.2, so this is a bit surprising…