Blank panel, no errors


Very often I found Kirby with a blank panel. View source shows up blank, debug is activated and no errors are show, no error_logs appears. This is in local and production sites that where normal and suddenly stopped working.

Usually reinstalling everything works locally, but not online. Anyone else having a similar issue?


Are you using any Panel plugins, like custom fields etc.?

What Kirby/Panel version do you use and what is your PHP version?

Does this also happen with a fresh Starterkit?


Yes, I’m using plugins. I’ve tried to remove them, but problem remains

Kirby panel 2.2.0
Kirby 2.5.10
php 5.6.36

Does not happens with fresh Plainkit. What usually works it’s to install a fresh Plainkit, then replace the assets, content and site folders and starts working like before it got the blank page.


Oh, so you are using different versions of Panel and Kirby? Panel and Kirby must always have the same version number, otherwise you will run into issues. Surprised that this works at all.