Using Jade templates

Does anyone have any experience using the Jade template fork of Kirby?

I’ve tried setting up it as best I can - in short, as a duplication of the above repo - and the Kirby panel section works fine, but all valid URLs return an entirely blank page.

If anyone has any tips here, that would be super useful.


Please try getting a working fresh Kirby starterkit. You can then put the contents of the site/plugins and site/templates directories from the jade fork into your project.

If the result continues to be a blank page, please enable the debug option using c::set('debug', true); in your config.php or take a look into your PHP error log. If you see any error, please post it here.

Hi @lukasbestle, thanks for getting in touch. I’ve done all as you’ve suggested and checked my PHP logs, but I’m still getting the blank page and no errors are being reported.

This is what the structure of the site folder looks like:

Try renaming the jade.php file in the plugins directory to something different. Maybe it collides with the folder with the same name.

Sadly this didn’t work…

Does the plugin generate PHP files in the site/cache directory?

No, the site/cache directory is empty.

How did you install the kit? Are you using it on localhost or on a remote server?

I tested this by cloning from the repo and have no problem whatsoever with the kit.

I downloaded the zip folder from github and copy and pasted the submodule contents from their respective repositories.

It’s running locally via MAMP using PHP 5.6.10. I also tried it on 5.5.26 and had the same issues.

I’ll try the cloning method and see I how I get on with that.

Many thanks for looking into this for me!

I tried the cloning method and that got it working for me too! Thanks so much for that suggestion.

I can’t think what was different about the final setup using the original install method… But anyway, I’m happy it’s working now.

I guess sth. was missing or not properly copied over. Glad it works now.