What is your local development environment?


Following the new local development environment cookbook recipe, I am wondering who uses what.

  • MAMP or MAMP Pro
  • WAMP
  • PHP’s built-in server
  • Laravel Valet
  • Valet+
  • Vagrant + Virtual Box
  • Laravel Homestead

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@moeli Looks good, Windows only it seems? Might add it to the recipe.


Yes, I think it is only available for windows at the moment (and no plans to bring it to other OS)


using laragon for about 2 years or so.


I use a local environment based on this tutorial. It’s written for Mac, but a few substitutions will let you spin it up in Linux.


Linux + Caddy server + PHP-FPM


I’m wondering nobody mentioned …

Docker + PHP-FPM & NGINX directly


My development environment you can find at HowTo: Start Kirby development on a PC, only the versions are now newer like a Win10 64bit laptop and the XAMPP version 64bit.