Webserver recommendation for local development (Mac)

When developing with Kirby 2, I was using the Terminal command php -S localhost:8000 to run a local webserver in the project root.
With Kirby 3 this does not work any more, as images all result in a 404 Not found. Does anybody know a lightweight alternative for it on Mac which is compatible with Kirby 3?

See also Github Issue.

You can use Mamp; quite a few people have moved to using https://laravel.com/docs/5.7/valet/ Valet+


I had been using MAMP and moved to Laravel Valet because I wanted one button less to push before my local server is running :slight_smile:


Thanks for your (very!) quick response @texnixe!
I will have a look at Valet.
Mamp feels rather clunky to me.

Mamp has become slow on Mojave.

Personally, I use Vagrant + Virtual Box to run Ubuntu 18.04 virtual machines. I try to get my dev environment to closely resemble the production environment.

It’s a bit more complex than using MAMP though.

I’m another fan of Valet+, but you will need to swap the default driver that comes with Valet+ for the official Valet one. Hopefully the Valet+ guys will update it soon so you dont have to do this any more.


me too (and some other characters…)

I used the Vagrant way prior to Valet+ but it is heavier on a system to run, so if your on an ageing macbook, Valet+ will get you some system responsiveness back, since it uses stuff installed on your system via Homebrew rather then inside a virtual machine.

I found Scotchbox pretty awesome on Vagrant, and used the Pro version for a couple of years which requires payment, but there is a free edition. Laravel Homestead works well too.

I use vagrant + virtualbox to resemble my production servers as much as I can. I’ve been bitten in the past by versions or settings, and don’t like debugging in production :slight_smile:

Valet has been wonderful to me as I was using the local apache/php mac install and it was becoming tedious to vhost everything. With Valet the ability to add any website just in one line + have https with another one removed a lot of frustrations I had. I followed this tutorial to get started.

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I run Mamp Pro with Mojave, and have not been bothered by any slowness. I don’t do speed optimisation for sites on my local machine - we have a sandbox server setup remotely for that, which uses the exact setup that the clients will use. This way, I get to keep my system clean of software clutter (these other setups require you to instal several *nix packages, virtual machines, etc), the setup of any new local dev site takes - literally - 10 seconds, and I get to do it all on a GUI, rather than having to fiddle with config files and the command line.

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I couldn’t be bothered yet either, although I have installed and uninstalled Valet/Valet Plus several times; I’m probably generally so slow that the multiplied milliseconds don’t have any effect on my workflow :laughing:

On my old system, I did run into issues with Mamp though, maybe because it had too much rubbish on it. since I updated to Mojave during the holiday, everything has been working fine.

I’m evaluating Valet+ right now and so far I like it! For others who don’t know it as well:

After setting it up you can create a root for your projects, e.g. ~/sites. All subfolders can automatically be accessed via .test URL then:

~/sites/starterkit —> starterkit.test

After setting up Valet+ (see README.md in Valet+ Repo) the Kirby 3 panel will not work. For this you have to download KirbyValetDriver.php (from the Valet repo) and replace the one which was installed with Valet+. The folder where you have to replace the file is:


Thanks a lot @jimbobrjames !

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No worries. I did mention the driver above but neglected to mention where to stick it, so thanks for adding those details to your post.

You don’t have to keep things in one folder. You can actually run valet link yoursite in any folder on your system that should be a web root and it will be available on yoursite.test.

Very good to know! I was about to ask exactly that :slight_smile:

If you forget which folders you have linked to valet you can type valet links and it will give you a nice list of them all with folder paths.

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Seems the Valet and Valet plus doesn’t work with the Upgrade process described in the cookbook since Valet is not aware of the upgrade.php file. I came up with a fix on my Valet+ install but it should also work for Valet too. See this post: Upgrade.php conversion script returns a 404 page

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Have you tried php -S localhost:8000 kirby/router.php ?


Oh great, that seems to work!