MAMP for a beginner


Is anyone here using MAMP or MAMP Pro on their Mac as a solution for developing sites, whether that is for Kirby or any other PHP-based project?

I have a friend who is just getting into Kirby for building a site but they want a simpler option than using Brew to install all the required components or Laravel Valet that I use.

MAMP seems like an easy solution that has the benefit of not using up resources when not running but I can’t find a lot of reviews.



MAMP (Pro) is the go-to solution on a Mac if you want a graphical user interface to handle server/PHP related stuff. I’m personally using Laravel Valet most of the time, but have a copy of MAMP Pro installed as well.

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I used Laragon on Windows which I thought was an excellent tool, shame it’s not on Mac. I can see MAMP does a trial will download it myself and see how easy it is to use.

MAMP is pretty straightforward to use, when you install it, it will install the Pro version along the free one but you always can choose to use free one which is enough for local Kirby development.

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Been using MAMP pro since forever. Works just fine and stays out the way which is what you want for an app like that


Another long-time Mac/MAMP user here. :slightly_smiling_face:

I prefer keeping my development/design workflow as simple/minimal as possible. MAMP, coupled with a text-editor of choice is all that’s technically required to develop locally with Kirby.


Thanks all, I gave it a try myself, and all seems pretty good, even the free version will be good enough for him to get started and he can take it from there. Thanks to all that replied.