Can't get started with Kirby and MAMP

I’m new to web development. Kirby sounded easy enough to set up, but I’m failing miserably!

  1. Installed MAMP on Windows (C:\MAMP)
  2. Copied starterkit-master (also tried plainkit) to C:\MAMP\htdocs
  3. Started the MAMP server (port 81, php 7.2.10, tried apache and nginx)
  4. I browse to http://localhost:81/MAMP/ , I see the default MAMP welcome page.
  5. I browse to http://localhost:81/MAMP/starterkit-master : NOT FOUND
    The requested URL /MAMP/starterkit-master was not found on this server.

Your URL should be http://localhost:81/starterkit-master without MAMP in the URL.

Mamp usually works with Kirby out of the box (even on Windows) and doesn’t require any additional settings (unless you have to increase your memory settings or something like that).

Welcome to Kirby. We are always here to help!

That worked, thanks!
I feel silly now :smiley:

Enjoy Kirby :slight_smile: