Strugging with KIRBY setup on mac

Hi All,

I am a newbie to Kirby. And i am trying it out. And to start i downloaded Kirby starter kit. Below are the operation i did

  1. Download Kirby starter kit
  2. I installed PHP latest 7.3 using brew install php (Newbie)
  3. I already have nginx installed and running in my machine.

I did nt find any details on how to proceed or how to do the get kirby up. Do we have any setup guide this. like whenre should the unzipped starter kit be placed. Do i need any modification on PHP ini file. what changes is required in nginx conf?

Please advice

Welcome, Learner!
Bastian recently uploaded quite a few videos on their new channel describing some of the common basics, which should help you out, I think.

There’s also a guide on the site:

What are the specific problems you’re stuck on?

If you are also new to server stuff, then using Apache instead of nginx will probably be a lot easier. We provide the .htaccess you need to get Kirby running on Apache. nginx is a bit different and it seems that there is not really a “one config fits all” solution, so you are a bit on your own or have to try one of the many nginx configuration that have been posted here on the forum.

For an easy intro, try php’s built-in server like described in the videos mentioned above, or install Mamp.