Version 2.3.0 issues

working on a project for a client who is running 2.3.0

I have downloaded this version locally (starterkit). However, only the home page loads. I get “not found” errors when I try to click any of the main nav pages. Also having issues getting the panel to come up. Any suggestions?


That looks as if either the .htaccess file is not present or is ignored or rewriting isn’t enabled on the server.

The latest Kirby 2 version is 2.5.12, btw.

.htaccess file is there (just the default one from the 2.3.0 starterkit). I’m running apache 2.4 so I will check that option.

mod_rewrite setting in httpd.conf fixed it…thanks

well… I thought this was fixed. The panel loads fine and the admin seems to be working. However, when I preview my pages, all I get is a white screen. When I view source, all I see is the raw code of the page. It’s as if it’s not calling the kirby/php engine.

Do you mean the raw PHP code?

Please don’t post the same stuff twice, I will delete your second post.