Starter Kit does not load images or other urls

Hi, I’m having a problem getting the Kirby Starter Kit fully running. I am able to serve it up and see a page at localhost but none of the images load. I also can’t load any other url like localhost/panel/installation . I’m using Ubuntu 20 on my development machine and Apache2 for a server. All I’ve done here is download the zip, move it to /var/www/starterkit-main , and set the DocumentRoot to be that directory.

When I go to localhost, i get a 200 back and some content loads. When I go to localhost/panel/installation, I get a 404 Not Found.
I do have the .htaccess file included in the starter kit zip.

I did try setting permissions to 777 on /var/www/starterkit-main to see if that was the problem, but still no luck.

I assume I am missing something obvious, but I’ve read through How to Install Kirby CMS On Ubuntu 18.04 - RoseHosting as well as looked through docs on kirby and still no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Did you upload the .htaccess file? If yes, make sure that .htaccess overrides are allowed on your server and that rewriting is enabled.

Thanks for the help @texnixe! The .htaccess file was there, but I needed to enable url rewriting for apache.

I followed this for Ubuntu: How to set up URL rewriting in Apache on Ubuntu? - LinuxForDevices