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How can I get rid of the /panel redirect and the e-mail as username? I’d like to operate a site without any user accounts, is this possible?

Users don’t have to create an account in order to make a purchase. But without the option of user accounts, they won’t be able to log in to see their invoices, downloads, and transaction history.

Shopkit forces email-based login to make things easier for the customers (they won’t have to remember a username). But if you really want to remove the frontend form and login via /panel instead, take a look at the routes.

Since I am developing a single page store, I’d like to integrate the cart in a popup overlay. I’d also like to integrate all the following steps of the checkout in that overlay. Is this possible somehow?

As a starting point, you’d have to override Shopkit’s default templates/cart.php with some custom form actions. Then it depends on which gateway you’re integrating with – PayPal will have a different process than Stripe.


Shopkit already restricts customer’s user permissions so they can’t go exploring in the panel where they shouldn’t be :slight_smile:

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Hi Sam, and other.
i tried to configure the shopkit since few month in my free time.

now i have registered an paypal account to serve this payment.
The buying process is working. the money is payed to the selling account.

BUT then i redirect to /shop/cart/return?amt= …
and i get an 404 error page. where can i get the snippet, the wrap for the code for deliver it for the costumer.

Greets Sven


What version of Shopkit are you using? shop/cart/return is not a valid page in v1.1.4.

The PayPal return URL is specified in site/plugins/shopkit/gateways/1-paypalexpress/process.php.


I admit that i am outdated with the version 1.0.5. My layout and implementation is not that easy to merge into the new structure. I will do it as an next step.

now i have create a new page and redirect to this. the GET Parameter amt= and more will now not beeing displayed.
probertly i do one step to another.

Thanks and greets.


Okay, so we’re on the same page: with Shopkit v1.0.5 you should be using Kirby and Panel v2.2.3.

If you look in config.php, do you see a route for shop/cart/return? This only accepts POST requests. The form at snippets/cart.process.paypal.php should contain value="2" on line 31.

You may also have to change something within your PayPal IPN settings to make sure customers are returned to your site using the POST method.

The last thing I can think of, once you make sure you’ve got a POST request coming in, is that your site should be using HTTPS in order to accept a POST request from PayPal. Sometimes PayPal will not redirect users to a non-HTTPS site.


PayPal thoughts

A question to everyone: would you be terribly annoyed if I dropped PayPal support in Shopkit v2.0, and instead added support for Square?

Between Peter Thiel’s Trump ties and PayPal’s obscure IPN settings, I’m more tempted than ever to cut ties with the service.


I’m not sure about his current role in Paypal?

Boycotting Thiel’s interests, especially if you were to include investments made by venture capital firms in which he is a partner, would be much more difficult than just canceling one account. If a protester wanted to make absolutely sure that they were not directly or indirectly benefiting Thiel, they’d need to quit Facebook, avoid making transactions using credit card processor Stripe, stop listening to Spotify, carry a list of thousands of Y Combinator companies, and move somewhere other than the United States (without booking an Airbnb). Because Thiel is deeply tied to many of Silicon Valley’s most popular products:


Thanks for that article. I didn’t know he invested in Stripe too!


Shopkit v1.1.5 is here :bug:

Just a small bugfix release to fix a couple of issues with the Panel.

Download it here:

v2.0 is still in the works. Beta testers, expect something in the next two weeks…


How can i implement a Clear Cart/Empty Basket Button ? Or is there already sth. like this ? thx


Customers can delete items from their cart one-by-one on the /shop/cart page.

There’s no one-click action for clearing the whole cart, though.

To clear the cart in one fell swoop, you’d have to remove its session variable, like this: s::remove('cart');

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v1.1.6 is here :closed_lock_with_key:

This is a security-and-bugfix release that is highly recommended for all Shopkit websites.

Download Shopkit v1.1.6

  • Security fixes
    • c::set('debug', true) no longer enables mail logging
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix getDiscount() check for flat discounts
    • Fix per-variant sale price codes
    • Fix negative stock bug

PS: Yes, v2.0 is still coming! Thank you for your patience…


Hi. Quick question: can a product live in multiple categories? It seems that can only work if you create a product page under each desired category (e.g. there are multiple instances of 1 product).


Each product must live under a single category. This follows the folder structure of the content folder.

You can, however, assign as many tags as you want to any product.


Are there no unique bins you can put them into?


That’s what I asked the client. :blush:

I’ve been struggling with this concept of one item in multiple categories.