Legal stuff to keep in mind when creating a shop for the German market

too bad here in germany we have very strict guidelines on how a checkout process has to look like and i would have to lie, but it’s very critical and it requires some research already.

could you elaborate? I am looking into this for a German client.

there are really tons and tons informations which is required to at least know before starting a shop in germany. as depending on mistake it can lead to bad practices in competition with others in the same field, while they can send you an “abmahnung” pretty easily…

just to name some examples on what is important - and by no means this is not an legal advice - here are some informations:

  • T&S: Checkbox supposed to be a clickable checkbox, needs a certain text - other vague text descriptions are invalid, EDIT: It’s not required to be a checkbox but needs a link in a good visible position

  • “pay button” needs to have be named “zahlungspflichtig Bestellen” or a couple of other available to make sure the customer knows he’s actually doing a purchase, no visual distraction between button, products and pricing.

  • pricing very important point, displaying and showing prices with correct description, text ect, the whole block of informations provided at the end before “buy now” is more or less required to have a couple of informations

  • form fields especially personal details - a few of them such as birthdate are not allowed to be required, data protection declaration

you can actually read for days to get a glimpse on that…

if you’re working for a client, you might want to push all legal stuff towards him and be sure to outline the most basic stuff like cooperating with them doing it the “i’ll do as you say” or “how you want it to be” fashion.

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