Experiences with SnipCart regarding German & EU legal requirements?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently looking for a system to build my web presence on. This will most likely include e-commerce in the future (digital/physical goods) and I would really like it to work with Kirby due to performance and general philosophy.

I’ve played with Kirby on and off over the years and am comfortable setting things up and diving a little bit into code - but as I’m no developer (instead UX Designer) I am looking for something that could give me a head start. So, I discovered the Zero one theme and that it has SnipCart support built into it. That seems like it is precisely what I am looking for. Since I want to avoid getting lost in setup and code and thus not being able to focus on what I’m actually trying to accomplish… (This is also why I’m not really considering the Merx Plugin for myself.)

On the other hand, I am located in Germany, so the whole Schrems II / Privacy Shield and GDPR topic (as well as specific German requirements) is something I need to be concerned with. A lawyer told me the best thing (until there is a new settled cooperation between US and EU) to mitigate any risks concerning these topics (apart from good legal texts) would be to find a solution from within the EU. If that is not possible, he continued, there will always be a little “risk” involved - even though this is tiny, especially for small e-commerce endeavors since it would affect thousands of shops…

Long story short: I guess everything in life is a little risky, so I am hoping to gather some insights from fellow German/EU humans using SnipCart if it is possible to take on all requirements and / or what your experiences are with this solution?

Any input is greatly appreciated.


I also cross posted this question with the folks over at Snipcart: Experiences with Snipcart regarding German & EU legal requirements? - Discussions - Support | Snipcart

We have been using Snipcart for quite a long time in Germany. Never had any problems with it. The customer has decided that he doesn’t care about the whole GDPR issue and just uses it.

The shop of our customer with Snipcart: Wandbild Die fremde Frau, ab 75 x 100 cm, Hochformat - Picoration

Thank you very much for responding @Oli1 and sharing this point of view.

I’m glad I could help. My tip: don’t think too much about this whole GDPR issue. In my eyes, you are never 100% legally protected on the internet anyway. Try your best to be GDPR ready but don’t waste hundreds of hours of time for this.