Advanced ecommerce plugin

Dear Kirby Developer

I’m looking for a Kirby developer who can develop a proper ecommerce plugin for Kirby.

Please take a look at the features I’d like to get in the plugin:

Let me know if your available and interested, also let me know what you’d expect the scope of this project to be like.

Looking forward to talking to you.


There is the plugin Shopkit by @samnabi. It doesn’t do everything you need, but I guess it could be extended, as the basic functionality is already in there, which makes it less expensive than building it from scratch.

Hi Lukas

Thank you for pointing to Shopkit. There’s also Cartkit, another (even simpler) ecommerce plugin.

I’m not a developer so I couldn’t tell whether or not it’s smart to extend what’s already around, rather than develop something from scratch with a fully fledged ecommerce functionality set in mind.

Looking at Shopkit, for my taste it doesn’t feature the clean and lean high quality appearance and function I love so much about Kirby and many of its other plugins.

What do you think? Would you be interested in working on this project? Let me know – thanks!

  • Patrick

That’s definitely true. A totally custom plugin can be customized as much as you need, while existing solutions always have some assumptions about the workflow.

I have created a custom shop for my student company a year ago, so I know that having a completely custom workflow can be quite nice. But please note that creating custom solutions is always something that can use quite a bit of time and money (in that case the shop took around or even more than 30 hours to implement).

As I already did something like this once, I think that’s quite an interesting project to work on. If you’d like, we can talk about the project. Simply write me a private message in the forum with your email address. :smiley:

Leider finde ich nicht heraus, wie ich eine private Nachricht schreiben kann. Würde es Dir was ausmachen, mir Deinerseits Deine Email via Forumpost zu übermitteln? Danke!

soweit ich das sehe kannst du einfach auf den Namen klicken und dann auf “Message”

Ich hab’ dir mal eben eine Nachricht geschrieben. :smiley:

Thanks for the shout-out, Lukas. The feature list for this project is more than what Shopkit can handle right now, but I will definitely include many of these capabilities in a future version.