Kirby Shopify Plugin


Is anyone willing to help me create the first Kirby Shopify plugin ?
It would be great to use Kirby as a flexible content and extend the frontend possibilities that Shopify doesn’t allow.
One way of doing that is referencing/linking Kirby to the Shopify API to have product pages automatically.

I stumbled apon this :

Which basically have most of the GraphQL connect features we need.

We could either create a product model or just a field that allow to select a product in a dropdown list ?

Looking forward to know your thoughts.




Damn, I wish I had the time to help you. This sounds like an excellent idea!

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This is the starting point :

Will let you know when it will have the first features.

(If you want to help me clean the code, or make it error 500 proof, feel free !)

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Did you have any luck? I was wondering if I should get into this since I have found some trending products -and would like to start selling it with shopify Kirby



You could probably use Shopify Light in the mean time until the plugin is at a useable point.



+1 for @jimbobrjames idea of using Shopify Light.
Used it here and works great



I didn’t had much time to get more into it lately but will continue soon.

If you want to start selling right away I suggest also that you use Shopify Storefront API or the BuyButton JS library.
You can also try this plugin (no Shopify)

The plugin I want to build will only be useful to create a sync between a Kirby back-end and Shopify data using special fields or by creating models directly.

@manuelmoreale : Nice one. How do you create your product page ? Do you have to add manually product pages in your Kirby with each product id ? Or do you manage to do it through a route ?



Yes it’s manually controlled and we just paste in the product id.
I didn’t want to automate it because I like the idea of keeping the two platforms separated.
It’s a shop with a low number of products so it’s not a big deal to handle things manually.

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