Problem receiving emails from sendmail

I am currently customizing the email function. For some reason the order confirmation email (to the shop owner) does not get through to some email adresses. is working, while @ privateserver .com is not.

The mails are all there in the mail log, I just never receive them. It should be noted, that the privateserver adress also runs via gmail.

Any idea what might be wrong? Thanks!

This is always hard to debug.
Honestly it has nothing to do with kirby though. Kirby just uses php function (mail()) to send the email and PHP uses whatever mailservice server has defined (this is in php config). It is not send through kirby or PHP.

If the emails are sending to some mailboxes and not to other - well then there is probably problem with trust between your server and the one recieving the email. It might flag it as spam or even not recieve it at all.

You should start if your server is not in a blacklist somewhere . For example i have VPS from OVH and their IPs are lot of times on those blacklists (somebody used that ip for sending spam and ****).

Its hard to get out of those blacklists. If you are not on any of them… well then there might be some misconfiguration somewhere, maybe you are sending bad email headers or have dns records set improperly… Email is not easy.

If everything fails, or if you don’t want to debug everything - Your bet is to use some kind of mail service (mailgun or amazon) that will send emails for you and has trusted servers. You might pay few dollars for that but upside is that you don’t have to maintain email service on your server.

Kirby makes this easy - you just create different mail driver - kirby even gives you some common ones to use. So you don’t have to write them yourself.

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