Kirby e-mail link renders weird recipient - any ideas?

hi everyone,

first of all, i’ve just started learning php and kirby so apologies for any unprofessional wording or presumably “weird” questions. i already spent some time googling and browsing through this forum but couldn’t find any similar cases.

i’ve been trying to find out how to make an e-mail link work.
in my panel it says
(email: text: mail)

whenever i click on it in the browser an e-mail window pops up with the following:

any ideas? i’m thankful for any tipps!

Which version of Kirby are you using? There was a bug, but it was fixed in 2.4.1.

Oh, jes, i’m using 2.4.0.
So updating to 2.4.1. might solve the problem?

that would be great :smiley:

Yes, updating will solve the problem.

Thanks a lot! Updating did the job!