Kirbytext no email link

Kirbytex email:

(email: text: e-mail)

Does not render as an email link (only ‘e-mail’), and produces something like this:


I can only guess: do you use widont() on your field? It looks like there’s an   that should not be there.

The href looks fine — it’s for spam protection.

Good guess:


Yes, I know about the email encoding.
But about the widont(), seems like a bit of a strange point to insert the  
Or is it not to be used in combination with kt()?

Try widont() before kirbytext()

I guess the widont helper isn’t aware of html, it just replaces the last space with an  .

Was thinking the same, let’s just hope it doesn’t do a

(email: text: e-mail)

widont() before kirbytext():

Schermafbeelding 2022-11-02 om 15.27.18

email link works though :slight_smile:

We can hope!

widont() can lead to unpredictable results in combination with kirbytext() removing the widont() solved this issue, with thanks to @thguenther