Email Kirbytext problem

Hey, I’m having an issue with the Email Kirbytext when I try to add a text to the email link…

What I want to use is:

(email: text: email)

but the generated link is

but for example


works fine.

Does anyone know any solution to this? I’m on the latest Kirby version


That’s a bug, it is fixed on the development branch.

i don’t understand – i’m working on the latest version (Kirby version: 2.4.0) and still have this issue

Yes, it is a bug in the latest release (2.4.0). The fix is only in the development branch of the toolkit. You could download the developer branch of the toolkit and replace your existing toolkit folder (/kirby/vendor/getkirby/toolkit).

ahhh i see. thanks – this solved the problem!

thanks a lot