Kirbytext producing bad values with email in multilingual sites

Hi everyone,

I noticed a strange and quite annoying issue when validating my markup: email inserted with kirbytext seems to produce broken values. This happens in all pages, no matter the blueprint or the template.

Instead of parsing the text correctly, it gives an escape code for characters. When clicking on email link, the mail program understands each escape character as a recipient.

This is the syntax in Kirbytext:
(email: text: say hello)

This is the error of the validator
line 137 column 396 - Erreur: Bad value “” for attribute “href” on element “a”: Illegal character in fragment: “#” is not allowed.

This doesn’t happen with another website which is set to unilingual. Could this be related?
Other tags with kirbytext (links, images) seems to work perfectly.

Thank you in advance for your feedback

This was a bug in Kirby 2.4.0, please update to Kirby 2.4.1.

Ok, thank you! I’m doing this immediately.