Inserting snippet in Kirbytext breaks if it contains UTF8 quotes

Hi @lukasbestle, just a quick note. In the main-text we use normal quotation marks („“). With one snippet inside a kirbytag we insert a subpage with one wrong quotation marks (""). Definitely a content issue, but in this case the parser render umlauts with a question mark. And yes the charset and the *.txt are UTF-8. If there is one correct quotation marks („“) beside the wrong one in the subpage everything is fine. I know it’s strange, but if their some rework of the workflow with snippets inside of kirbytags it would be great to test this case.

I don’t really understand what you mean to be honest. Your filter breaks when there is a " symbol in the snippet?

Yes, something like this lorum "ipsum" dolor break the filter. And this version lorum "ipsum" „dolor“ amet works. Sure, a strange thing.

But the version that works contains “normal” " symbols as well, doesn’t it?

Yes, in my case it breaks if the content of the snippet (subpage) has only "" without any „“ and the mainpage has one or more „“.

That’s a strange precondition. And how exactly does it break?

Sorry, @lukasbestle. I know it sounds really strange. But under this condition only one umlaut looks like this:

And the HTML is valid and the charset is UTF-8.

Is there a public version of that site so I can take a closer look at the output?

Unfortunately not now. Hopefully I find some time to build an example at the end of the next week.