Escaping html characters in Kirbytext

I have a company name in my text with arrow brackets in the name like <OUR>NAME.
Kirbytext puts this in an html tag. Can I escape the arrow brackets in any way? I’ve tried backslash and backtick before but it doesn’t seem to work.

What does work is using the $field->escape() function in my template, but this also breaks blockquotes.

EDIT: oh well posting this example here pretty much gave the same problem. I guess if I wrap it in backticks (I only used one in kirbytext) it renders in <code> tags. It’s not a perfect solution but it’ll do the job.

You could use HTML entities instead:


Aha, I did not think of that. Maybe the backticks are a bit easier for the client since there’s a button for it in the textarea toolbar. I’ll discuss both solutions with them, thank you :slight_smile:

Or you can use to get

in the rendered page using @texnixe’s code to get


by typing “{{OURNAME}}”.

Good luck!