Email Tag Encryption

I have an email link like this - (email: text: contact me), but on the browser side, the email link is showing the actual hex code for the characters. I recently moved to an Ubuntu 16.04 PHP 7 server. I thought it might have to do with the mbstring extension, but as far as I can tell it’s installed and enabled. Everything else with the site is working as expected.


I believe this is a spam prevention measure in Kirby— the unusual characters make it more challenging for basic regular expressions to scrape email addresses from an HTML document.

When you click the link (or copy it) are you getting the proper text?

Edit: The characters are appearing in the rendered page, not just the HTML source?

The hex codes should only appear in the source code. Are you on Kirby 2.4.0? Then it’s a bug that will be fixed with the next release.

Yes, the hex code shows up in the To: field of the email when the link is clicked. And yes, I’m running 2.4.0. I’ll see about rolling back a bit.


Rolling back to 2.3.2 did the trick. Thanks again!

Double email obfuscation should now be fixed on the toolkit development branch.