Does kirbytag encrypt both email and text?

Hey community,

I searched the forum and couldn’t really find a suitable answer.
Can please someone tell me if also the ‘text’ entry is getting encrypted in the email kirbytag()?

‘email’ => $site->contactemail(),
‘text’ => ‘Click here to send an email’

The docs aren’t that clear to me. It seems like, but want to be sure.
Because I’d like to use show the email address instead “Contact us”.


If the text is empty, the email will be used as text and in that case it is encoded. So leave the text prop empty.

Dear texnixe,
thank you very much.
I am migrating an older 2.5.x web site to the latest version, as I wanted to use some plugins.
As there are so many changes, I decided to do the migration manual from scratch. I just keep the layout. As I do also the backend completyl new, this question has been one things I came across and didn’t find an answer.

ah… btw. your youtube channel is very helpful and comprehensive. Thank you so much.