Planning: Comprehensive Piwik Plugin

The Plan

I’m currently playing with the thought of creating a comprehensive Piwik plugin for Kirby. The idea is to have a fully-featured, well written, one-stop solution for everything Kirby <=> Piwik related.

It should be fairly easy to set up, work with every Kirby website and require no additional efforts to keep it running on your site.

Below I have added a list of features and functions that came to my mind and that I want to build into the plugin. If you however have any further suggestions then please don’t hesitate to tell me about them:

  • What features would you wan to see in such a plugin?
  • What bugs you about using Piwik on Kirby powered sites?
  • How could the process of integrating Piwiks Visitor- and Event-Tracking mechanisms into your projects smoothed out?



  • Embed Tracking-Code <?= Piwik::trackingCode()->generate() ?>
  • Configure Tracking-Code
    • cookie domains
    • alias urls
    • user defined variables
    • „do not track“
    • disabling tracking cookies
    • campaign parameters
  • Exclude users / user groups from tracking

Dashboard Widgets

  • Live Visitors
  • Last 30 days
  • Popular Keywords
  • Top Referrers
  • Launch Piwik

Additional Features

  • Embed Optout-Iframe <?= Piwik::optoutFrame()->generate() ?>
  • Embed various statistics (as numbers), eg. total visits or page views within the last 30 days, …


  • Self-updating statistics
  • Minimal page-load influence
  • Advanced caching
  • Modern PHP

Let me know what you guys think about it and what features you’d like to see!

Cheers, Jonas


Awesome! I’d love and also gladly pay for such a plugin. And I’m sure it will be really well built, like all your Kirby related stuff. :thumbsup:

I would add “most popular pages” to the dashboard widgets.

Also, I’d gladly pay ($5-10 per site) for a plugin.

I’m not familiar with Piwik but i’ll test it on an site I’m currently building. Such a plugin seems wonderful!

Sneak Peak #1: “Visits Over Time” Widget

Just finished up the “Visits Over Time” widget, that shows you a nice interactive chart of your recent visits and visitors. To make it really flexible, the number of days it includes is configurable.


Ok great!
I am available for beta testing.
(If you need.)

I will also be happy to pay $5 / $10 for this plugin! :wink:


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I had never heard of Piwik before this thread, but I’m quite grateful for your mention of it. Finally I can leave Google Analytics!

Yeah, to join the chorus, I would pay for this (or my clients would) - probably something in the under-$20 range. I’ll try give you some more feedback once I better familiarize myself with Piwik’s features.

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I guess it’s about time to add a few more previews of what’s coming soon to this thread. I expect the launch date to be within the first week of July, so keep your fingers crossed that everything works out as expected :wink:

Since I have been ask where you’ll be able to buy the plugin a few times now, I decided to just put up the product page right now. With that in place, you may also preorder the plugin.

Preorder Piwik Suite for Kirby CMS now.


Props for the plugin! Just coming from the plugin documentation page:

A pretty common usecase in my projects is a dead link (eg 404) checker – if you have a good idea how to filter Piwik records of this in the same way as the top referers that would really make for a robust Dashboard logger.

Hello again! Seeing this is still in preorder state – did you ever go on with this plugin? Would be pretty helpful for several clients.



Yeah, I’d be interested in its current state, too.